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[Interview] Baron Talks Black Santa Clothing Line, 3-on-3 Basketball, Top 3 Hip-Hop Albums And More

On Sunday (June 25), Mountain Dew and the NBA tipped off their second iteration of Dew NBA 3x, an elite basketball competition including some of FIBA’s top 100 globally ranked players, who will compete in a six-city tour to qualify for the 2018 USA Basketball 3×3 national tournament. Baron Davis who is a member of the Delaware 87ers stopped by Brooklyn Bridge Park to help coach the Dew NBA 3x games and we caught up with him to talk his Black Santa Clothing Line , Top 3 MC’s of all time, Dew NBA 3x and much more.

AJR: What do you feel 3-on-3 does for the culture of basketball?

Baron Davis: I feel it’s good, I think 3-on-3 as a sport is picking up you know it has its own rules and its own platform and you are starting to see a lot of big-time people get in on it. I think what Ice Cube is doing with the BIG 3 is dope. What Mountain Dew is doing with the BIG 3 is lifestyle oriented for the people so the culture is there.

If you could pick three players to form a 3-on-3 team, who would you choose?

I would pick Kareem, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

How did you feel about the NBA Finals this year, did you expect it to go the way it did?

I didn’t really enjoy it too much, I was glad the Warriors won. That’s it, pretty much.

When was Black Santa Clothing founded?

We founded the brand in July of last year.

What made you want to form a clothing brand?

For me it was more so I wanted to present a positive character, a positive African-American character for us, for the culture. I though that the traditional Santa is played out and Christmas need some soul and it would be dope if we started seeing the world through Black Santa’s point of view because his world and his people are more diverse. We like Christmas and all that but we just don’t like the traditional white washed tradition of what they sell in the content and things like that. So we want to start changing people’s perspective and put some soul into the holidays and some swag into it.

Do you guys have any upcoming collaborations?

Yes, we’re are working on it this year. It will be our official launch and we’re launching a pop-up museum kind of, and a pop-up meet and greet with Santa. So, we are going to do that in the inner-city and get that going in LA and hopefully we can sell it and take it to three or four different cities this year.

What are top 3 Hip-Hop albums of all-time?

I would go The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, JAY-Z’s The Blueprint, and Doggystyle

Name Your Top 3 MC’s right now of all time.

Tupac, Biggie & JAY-Z to me

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