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Bernie Sanders Will Visit Baltimore Youth Center Named For Freddie Gray

Earlier this year Freddie Gray was left in a coma after being arrested and then transported in a police van. He died a few days later. His death, ruled a homicide, is another of several incidences of police brutality against the black communityin Baltimore and across the nation. Presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, who has made a greater effort as of late to speak up about the pattern of violence against people of color, will be visiting a youth center in Baltimore this Tuesday named after Gray.

While six police officers are standing trial for Gray’s murder, Sanders will not only be visiting the center, but he will also be given a tour of the neighborhood where Gray grew up. According to Sanders’s aides, Sanders is set to hold “an ecumenical round-table to discuss issues directly impacting the African-American community. Reverend Dr. Jamal Bryant, who is a pastor and a founder of the Empowerment Temple Church, will lead this round-table at the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center.

Sanders’ visit marks a trend in the candidate’s continuing effort to reach out to black voters. Considering he comes from Vermont, a state that’s 95% white, it makes sense that Sanders is reaching out to a community that could really help swing the election in his favor. Sanders also met with rapper Killer Mike last month in Atlanta.

Via: Complex

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