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Check Out The Best Quotes From Kanye West’s “Shoe Of The Year” Speech

Kanye West and his undoubtedly successful adidas YEEZY Boost took home the SHOE of the Year” award at the 29th annual Footwear News awards.

In typical fashion, ‘Ye took the podium to give one of his famous speech/rants full of jokes, profanity and fashion industry insider talk. PerhapsMORE jovial than many are used to seeing him in the spotlight, West dropped some typically braggadociosQUOTES, on top of some more humorous, tongue-in-cheek quips.

His wife Kim Kardashian West was in attendance as well and took to Twitter to voice her thoughts on the award, which, ofCOURSE, she felt was “well deserved.” Judging by the constant hype and sky-high resell value of each release, the reality star just might be right.

See our favorite quotes below and watch the full speech here.


“If you don’t like 10-minute, profanity-ridden speeches that end in a presidentialBID, you can go to the bathroom.”

“Basically, as I talk it’s just a mood board. Thats myNEW style of speeches. Very unorthodox. It’s vibes.”

(In reference to YEEZY) “It’s a serious contender in the shoe market. PeopleCOMPARE it to Jordan and say it has that potential.”

“Most people are like ‘I don’t want people to talk shit about me.’ I don’t give a fuck.”

(In referenceTO WORKING in Hawaii on Twisted Dark Fantasy) “I’m constantly concerned about what I’m wearing. It’s hard toGET fresh in Hawaii because you can’t, like, layer up.”

“I’m serious about product. I’m dead serious about what I can create as an artist in this lifetime while I’mHERE. It’s not a fucking joke… It’s not some random hate comment on the eighth HYPEBEAST comment.”

“So, I’m in my baby mama’s, mama’s poolHOUSE…”

“What does Kanye do when he pisses EVERY white person off on the planet? Goes to Stockholm, dances withMORE white people!”

“I want aHOUSE equal or better than Calvin Klein’s house in the Hamptons.”

“Raise your hand if you got a private plane. Don’t be embarrassed, there’s definitely some people with some private planes tonight [crowd applause]…So many people just end up being the face of something, just doing the one-off commercial. And the guys thatHIRED ’em got the private jet! And I wanna be one of those guys….. I’m going to be one of those guys.”

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