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Erykah Badu Says She Digs Kid Cudi’s New Album, Says She Loves Young Thug In Complex Interview



Queen Erykah Badu recently blessed us with But You Cain’t Use My Phone. Even better, she stopped by the COMPLEX office and talked about her mixtape, her relationship with Drake, and Twitter jokes.


OfCOURSE, there’s always more we want to learn from Ms. Badu. Fortunately, the singer took part in a rare Reddit AMA sessionTODAY to share her favorite new school rappers, her thoughts on Kid Cudi‘s new album, and how she feels about Young Thug. Read some of the highlights below andCHECK out the rest of her answers here.

Do you get scared before you release a project about if people will like it or not?

Naw. I never ask people if they like myWORK. It’s already done by then. lol I just wanna know how it makes them feel. What does it inspire them to do. Hopefully if they hate it enough they’ll be inspired to protest about it… or do their own.

I’ve seen people refer toYOUR album “Mama’s Gun” and D’Angelo’s album “Voodoo” as sister albums.

I think that what we have in common is that we both create movements instead of albums.

What is a typical day in your life like?

I take kids toSCHOOL when I’m home. I hustle on something, marketing or music… I cook dinner… I try toMEDITATE with some tea in a bath of sea salt.

How has your work around women, birth, andBABIES affected you, your philosophy, your creative energies, and your music?

I am inspired to be compassionate when I see new life come in to the world all vulnerable and good. “child is born with a heart ofGOLD, way of the world turns his heart so cold.”- EWF

What do you consider to be the most important message in your music?

Be you.

Who are your favorite new school rappers?

Kids from devine council, earl sweatshirt, thugger, john poppy, wiz,future, kanye still in there,gucci still in there….

What’sYOUR favorite album of this year? From any genre.

YOU know what, I’m really digging what KID CUDI just put out. Courageous.

What are your thoughts on Tyler, the Creator?

Tyler is a genius. period.

What does Gambino smell like?

He smells like a comicBOOK store.

Thoughts on Young Thug?

ILOVE thugger a lot. He grown in his art in his own lane.

What kind of tea did you make for Drake?

I made Drake my cinnamon / lime surprise… stirred it in theDIRECTION of the planet’s rotation.

Have you ever done LSD? Or any other psychedelics.

Nope. But I get the same feeling when I bite into a veggieKEY lime pie… I’m going to go get a veggie key lime pie.

What do you think about the state of music currently?

I think there are so many things to explore; It’s confusing sometimes. lol

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