I got a chance to speak with Sean Johnson, the Goalkeeper of NYCFC. As we spoke about his influences growing up playing soccer, his opinion on the first-ever pop-up for the club and his favorite hip hop album at the moment. Plus much more, Let’s get into the interview below.

RESPECT.: Tell me about your inspirations within soccer growing up.

So my background, my parents are from Jamaica so it was always a big culture influence soccer wise. It’s something that has been engraved in my DNA since I was a kid. I always loved watching my dad play, I loved the sport so I got involved.

RESPECT.: Did you look up to any soccer players as influences for your game?

Yeah, there were tons I had the opportunity to play against some great players and obviously David Beckham is somebody who help started the league. So that was pretty special and playing alongside Andrea Pirlo, somebody who’s so accomplished. I’ve played alongside a lot of big names and it’s just really cool.

RESPECT.: Any other athletes your a fan of outside of soccer?

Yeah, tons. I respect so many athletes obviously, Kobe Bryant he’s retired. That was my favorite basketball player growing up it’s amazing what he accomplished.

RESPECT.: What did you think about the first-ever pop-up for the club?

I think it’s awesome, I think it’s something needed in the city now. A place where fans can come and connect with our club and our culture and players as well. It’s cool. Cool event today we got to open the house and we got a chance to see all the cool stuff included.

RESPECT.: What is your favorite hip-hop album at the moment, if you have one?

The Kendrick Lamar album is dope, Migos “Culture” album is dope also.