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Kobe Bryant Trademarks “Friends Hang Sometimes Banners Hang Forever”


Kobe Bryant isn’t going to get many wins on the NBA court—not with this Lakers team. But he’s the Black Mamba, so some way and somehow, he shall have his wins.

One of the most memorable Bryant moments from the past 12 months was when he said, “Friends Hang Sometimes Banners Hang Forever.” The phrase was so good—and so Kobe—that he had to trademark it. So he did: After a months’ long process, “Friends Hang Sometimes Banners Hang Forever” is now trademarked by Kobe, Inc.
So if you’re thinking about coming up by selling a bunch of shirts with the words “Friends Hang Sometimes Banners Hang Forever” on them—whether in Comic Sans, Wingdings, or what-have-you—don’t. That phrase is legally Bryant’s now.

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