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Why Cam Newton is Not Allowed to Dance as a Black QB

Lets allllllllllll be real here! 


Now, lets be real here. We all know WHY Cam Newton is receiving backlash from majority of white America because of his TD dance. Let’s ask this question first how many black quarterbacks are in the NFL? Not Many. I hear people say well Odell Beckham who is a wide receiver for the New York Giants celebrates and no one say’s anything about it, well guess the difference: his position. The quarterback position is predominately dominated by white men, everybody knows this. So a black guy being a quarterback in the NFL, dancing with a 100 million dollar contract frustrates the masses of white people who just wont admit that Cam Newton is one bad mutha! This past weekend Cam does a dance called the “Dab” after a touchdown and all of a sudden he’s a “bad role model”. Do you see how America is fixed and how they ONLY want the traditional quarterback to be allowed to do such things. Cam Newton is showing that he is very in-tune with his black culture and that just doesn’t rub White America teh right way. Sort of like how we always say a confident black male or female is an issue in America and once again this whole controversy over a dance in the Endzone further confirms this. Meanwhile, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Defensive lineman can celebrate ALL DAY. But because the BLACK QB does it, it’s an issue. Furthermore, he’s doing a “black culture” dance. There is no reason at all to not like this guy. There was once opon a time people loved Confidence, where did that time go.

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