Hillman Grad Productions, Lena Waithe’s production company that focuses on amplifying and celebrating the stories of diverse, historically marginalized communities, announced the launch of its first collegiate-inspired capsule collection. Designed by Lennard Macaranas Grandfather Leroy, the collection includes a variety of college-ready essentials, with all of the pieces dawning the Hillman Grad crest and logo. Hillman Grad’s first apparel collection evokes the ethos of fall Homecoming season, a sacred time for many HBCUs that is considered a space of communal celebration. 

The five-piece capsule launch features exclusive branded T-shirt and sweatshirt options, with each piece designed with the Hillman Grad community in mind and to create a classic capsule, rooted in legacy, that holds memories, growth, and community building. Each piece is hand cut and custom dyed, and available for purchase on the Hillman Grad Bookstore website, starting at $55.

Earlier this month, the Hillman Grad team premiered a video on their and Lena Waithe’s Instagram pages to highlight the collection, featuring actor and disability activist Lauren “Lolo” Spencer, Hillman Grad Records artists Davion Farris and Siya, and directed by Lauren Carothers, Founder and CEO of All Worthy People.

For more information on the collection, please visit: https://hillmangradbookstore.com/.

For more information on Hillman Grad, please visit: https://www.hillmangrad.com/.