Evolving at lightspeed with no shortage of anthems in the chamber, Connecticut band WHOKILLEDXIX (Karm The Tool and Yung Skayda) serve up a cathartic new single entitled “MIGRAINE” today via Masked Records / Warner Records. Listen HERE. Watch the energetic video HERE.

On the track, distorted guitar riffs bounce off melodic vocals and a confessional chorus soars, “I need a little medicine, you’re my migraine!” The momentum only relents for a lush acoustic bridge, adding another dynamic to the song altogether and highlighting their emotional harmonies.

Regarding the inspiration behind the song, the duo shared, MIGRAINE is a meaningful song for us on this project. We wanted to put our spin on the pop-punk sound that shaped our youth.”

It stands out as the follow-up to the recent fan favorite ANXIETY.” Right out of the gate, Lyrical Lemonade professed, “The one constant through all of their hits is just that: they’re all absolute bangers that would bust any speakers if played loud enough and they just make you want to rage.” Just prior, ATTENTION! initially lit up TikTok with hundreds of thousands of views in addition to amassing half-a-million streams. Fans clamored for the official version, so WHOKILLEDXIX obliged and delivered a punk song for this generation.

With an upcoming raging Emo Nite performance on October 28th at The Avalon in Los Angeles, everything simply bulldozes a path for the release of their anxiously awaited new album PULLBACK. Pre-order/Pre-save PULLBACKHERE.