BNEVO will host the Inaugural Fundraiser Dinner for Underrepresented Youths in Motorsports on Saturday, November 12, 2022, @ 5 PM at the Lions Automobilia Foundation Museum, 2790 E. Del Amo Blvd, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221.

The dinner will honor 12-year-old Truly Adams, who starred in the hit TV series “Baby Drivers” on Discovery +, along with featuring Adams Motorsports Park.  Troy Adams, the owner of Adams Motorsports Park, has been family operated since 1960. It was the first African American-owned racing facility in California and the largest facility of its kind in the Western U.S.  Adams Motorsports Park has led the way in training hundreds of kids to take their first step towards their dreams of racing professionally, whether NASCAR to Formula 1, off-road and more. As one of the first African American-owned tracks in the country, go-karting is more than a hobby; it’s a platform to raise up a new generation of elite athletes.  Now, Adams Motorsport Park, Inc. AMP has developed into one of California’s fastest-growing grassroots racing facilities in the United States.

BNEVO, short for benevolent, provides comprehensive support to individuals with the skill, ambition, and passion for having a productive/successful career in motorsports. They are dedicated to exposing and preparing competitive underrepresented youth mentally, physically, and, most importantly, for the financial side of motorsports.

Historically, finding skilled and passionate youth, specifically women and individuals of color, has been challenging in the field of Auto Racing. Early exposure and the cost of competing usually disqualify many candidates.

BNEVO’s mission will be to identify and cultivate a racing community for those youths that can bring diversity to the world of Auto Racing.

BNEVO will provide sponsorship to youths with a passion and skill set for motorsports at a young age (8-18) and in all areas of the industry. Areas such as auto racing, pit crew mechanics, and engineering.

They have partnered with experienced instructors and former professionals within the industry to guide our racers to the finish line of their dreams. 

The fundraising dinner will provide a tour of the Lions Automobilia Foundation Museum.

 Lions Automobila Museum

The Lions Automobilia Foundation and Museum was founded in December 2019 by Southern California businessman and car enthusiast Rick Lorenzen. Its nearly 100,000 sq. ft. facility includes galleries featuring Southern California’s infamous car culture and motorsports history. The experience begins as visitors walk in thru a 1960s speed shop with genuine parts hanging off the walls and then enter the Main Street Gallery lined with classic automobiles parked in front of a 1950’s diner.

The visitor experience has been described as mind-blowing, as each gallery reveals the human experience with the automobile. Lions is more than just a museum. The Lions Automobilia Foundation takes preserving automotive history to the next level with its onsite restoration facility.  As visitors walk through the galleries, they will find that many of the vehicles on display were restored by the Lions Team.