Nigerian singer/producer Bloody Civilian releases her debut single HTKAM. Written and produced by Bloody herself, the track is available to stream/purchase below.


Born and raised in Abuja before relocating to Lagos, Bloody is a storyteller before anything. Using her work to platform African art and history, she draws from her West African heritage and international artists such as Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, and Tame Impala among others to create a unique artistic vision unlike any other. HTKAM marries the best of both these worlds, combining an innate penchant for instantly punchy, satirical hooks with sweeping melodies into a fully formed and startingly powerful debut that is singular in nature.

Speaking on the track, Bloody Civilian says, “Life isn’t fair for anyone and when I find myself being angry, I try to find ways to not take myself too seriously… basically, I find ways to laugh and feel ridiculous about my anger and that inspired me to write “How To Kill a Man”.

Listen to HTKAM HERE